DesignRail® Details Make All the Difference

DesignRail® aluminum railings combine the durability of aluminum with innovative design details to ensure lasting beauty, structural integrity, affordability and very low maintenance.

Design Your Railing,
Step by Step


Simply choose from the following style options to create your perfect railing design:


  1. Select a railing height 
  2. Select a mounting type 
  3. Select an infill type 
  4. Select a top rail style 
  5. Select a frame color 
  6. Choose accessories 

Posts for All Job Types

DesignRail® posts in are made from 2-3/8″ square tube extrusions in three distinct cross-sectional profiles: Standard, Commercial Base Mount, and Heavy Duty. Each is specially engineered to provide optimal structural strength and design performance for specific usage and load conditions.

design rail glass infill custom exterior stairs of home
The Right Railing Height

Posts for level railings come pre-cut for 36″, 39″ and 42″ railing heights. Stair or custom posts must be cut to height in the field.

Building codes in your area may require your rails to meet a minimum height.  Consult your local building codes when choosing a height for your project.

Mounting Options
Base Mount

For mounting to deck, patio, floor or stair tread surfaces. Base plates come pre-attached to posts for easy installation.

Stanchion Mount

For Mounting with stone or tile covered concrete slabs or on roof decks where penetration of waterproof roofing membranes must be minimized.

Fascia Bracket Mount

For side mounting to fascia or rim joists with a metal bracket when decking or nosing trim extends beyond the fascia board.

Fascia Mount

For side mounting to fascia boards, joists or walls. Post come with pre-drilled bolt holes.

All Your Infill Options

Horizontal CableRail Infill for DesignRail®

Make your railing view-friendly with the original stainless steel cable infill.

Resin Infill for DesignRail®

Gorgeous organic materials embedded in durable, stylish resin produced by 3form – a leader in architectural materials.

Stainless Steel Mesh Infill for DesignRail®

The perfect balance of substance and visibility, our marine-grade stainless steel mesh panels elevate any indoor or outdoor space.

Laser-Cut Aluminum Infill for DesignRail®

Strong and stylish, these precision-manufactured panels turn your railing into a centerpiece while affording more privacy.

Tempered Glass Infill for DesignRail® 

Sleek and durable, our tempered glass panels create a semi-transparent barrier to subtly divide your space.

Vertical CableRail Infill for DesignRail®

An alternative to traditional horizontal cable railing, vertical cable is the perfect solution when you want to preserve the view.

Picket Infill for DesignRail® 

Traditional, elegant aluminum pickets give a classic look to your railing, powder-coated to match the frame.

Top Rail Styles

Top Rails come in four styles and are sold in 10-ft and 20-ft lengths that can be trimmed to size in the field. Applied Continuous Handrails with extensions and returns are available as an accessory item to meet ADA and code handrail requirements.

Series 150 Graspable

A 2″ wide top rail for easy-to-grasp design that runs between the posts. This top rail is used for both level and stair railings.

Series 200 Rectangular

A 3-1/2″ wide, rectangular top rail rests on top of the posts, requires a handrail when used on stairs.

Series 350 Elliptical

A 3-1/2″ wide, elliptical top rail rests on top of the posts, requires a handrail when used on stairs.

Series 450 Low-Profile Top Rail

A low-profile top rail that can be used as stand-alone or for adding your own wood or composite cap rail (not included). Requires a handrail when used on stairs.

Upgrades to customize your railing even more!

LED Lighting for DesignRail®

Our specially designed LED rail lighting and components work with our DesignRail® aluminum railing systems to help you create the perfect ambiance for everything you do.

Custom Gates for DesignRail®

Add an element of safety to your outdoor or indoor railing with infill to match.

Code Compliant Handrails for DesignRail®

Custom fabricated handrails that are code compliant on ramps and stairs.

Technical Documents
  • DesignRail® Installation with Horizontal CableRail Infill

  • PDF
  • DesignRail® Installation with Panel Infill

  • PDF
  • DesignRail® Installation with Glass Infill

  • PDF
  • DesignRail® Installation with Picket Infill

  • PDF
  • DesignRail® Installation with Vertical CableRail Infill

  • PDF
  • DesignRail® Product Data

  • PDF
  • DesignRail® Extrusion Pattern – Top Rail Options

  • PDF
  • DesignRail® Rail Lighting Installation

  • PDF
  • DesignRail® Post Accent Light Installation

  • PDF

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