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Wood You Believe? An Award Winning Finish!

Find out why everyone’s talking about Feeney’s Wood Grain Top Rail! A finalist in this year’s Best of International Builders’ Show and a winner of Architectural Products magazine’s annual Product Innovations Awards, this product is a railing game changer. Wood Grain Top Rail is a powder coat finish for Feeney’s DesignRail® Aluminum Railing System top rails. Available in three realistic wood grains – Cherry, Walnut, and Weathered Gray – the highly durable, fade-resistant finish offers the organic look of wood without the ongoing maintenance requirements.

Wood Grain Top Rail : winner of Architectural Product Magazine’s Product Innovation Award for 2020!

While a number of manufacturers have tried to replicate the look of natural wood on deck railings, the results have typically been less than desirable. In many cases, the wood grain doesn’t appear natural, but looks like a repeating, non-organic pattern. Fading of the finishes due to sun exposure has also been a challenge.

The powder coating wood grain process used by Feeney is a cutting-edge sublimation process that utilizes pressure and heat to create a highly realistic wood grain finish. The faux wood grain patterns are electrostatically transferred onto completely cured powder-coated surfaces, resulting in the formation of a protective “skin” that is very durable and resistant to the elements.

To create the appearance of natural wood grain, a piece of natural grain is placed on a transfer material. A coat of powder is then applied to a metal substrate and semi-baked. Once it has cooled, the wood grain transfer is applied. A final bake seamlessly fuses the decorative coating. The dye on the transfer volatilizes, which forms the grain. The result is a custom finish coating that very closely mimics the look of natural wood.

The DesignRail® Top Rail in Wood Grain Finish adheres to AAMA 2604 coating specifications for superior impact and weather resistance, and color retention. Homeowners can experience the aesthetic qualities of wood while significantly reducing maintenance and gaining peace of mind that the railings will maintain their beauty for years to come.

Well-suited for both interior and exterior applications, the DesignRail® Top Rail in Wood Grain Finish can be mixed with any DesignRail® frame color, including a range of standard or custom colors, and can match the wood used on the deck to create a seamless look.

Art Steedle, owner of Steedle Brothers Construction, used several of Feeney’s products, including the DesignRail® Top Rail in Wood Grain Finish, on a container bar that he recently constructed at his company site. Art’s shop is located in the Los Angeles Harbor area close to Long Beach, an area that is constantly bombarded by sea air and moisture from the marine layer, along with the intense California sun. So, it was important to choose a railing that would be resistant to the elements over time.

“Aesthetically, Feeney nailed it with the DesignRail® Wood Grain Top Rail – it appears just like wood. People who come to our shop touch the railings and grasp hold of them and are still debating if they’re real wood. The grading, pattern and coloration are very impressive and fool most everyone.

To test the durability, I took a screw and tried to scratch a small sample of the railing. I was concerned that it would be damaged, but that didn’t happen. In fact, when I did an inspection at the end of the installation, I didn’t find any chips or scratches on the entire railing. Typically, you’ll find some nicks that have occurred during the construction process. I am thoroughly impressed with the product’s durability and aesthetic, and will definitely use it again.

Feeney railings are easy to install, which saves time and really streamlines the installation experience, which I appreciate. And the team is always great to work with.”

Truly an innovative product, the Wood Grain Finish provides an elegant and long-lasting alternative to wood railings. 

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