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Feeney Project Showcase: Art Steedle’s Container Bar

Art Steedle, owner of Steedle Brothers Construction, used several of Feeney’s products, including DesignRail® Panel Infill, on a container bar that he recently constructed at his company site located in the Los Angeles harbor area close to Long Beach. Art’s goal with the project was to create a space at his shop where his team could unwind at the end of the day and enjoy the bar, sit in the hot tub or lawn chairs, and chat about the day.

Steedle opted to use DesignRail® Panel Infill to complement the composite decking while providing a maintenance-free railing. Art installed both laser cut aluminum panel Infill featuring a custom design and an Allure stainless steel mesh infill panel.

His shop is located in an area that is constantly bombarded by the elements, including sea air and moisture from the marine layer and the intense California sun. So, it was important to choose a railing that would be resistant to the elements. In addition, Art and his team wanted to be able to relax and spend time on the deck without having to worry about maintenance. DesignRail® Panel Infill topped with the new Wood Grain Top Rail fit the bill.

“Feeney’s stainless steel mesh panels immediately caught my eye. My design aesthetic is modern industrial hybrid, or distressed hybrid, so the mesh provided the industrial feel and fine finish I was looking for. I also liked that the panels are made of stainless steel, so I knew they would be resistant to the weather. That is always a factor here in Long Beach.

I also chose to install Feeney’s laser cut aluminum panel infill, which features a custom design that was created for the container bar. I went with a red panel to add some contrast to the palette of neutrals. I use lots of grays and blacks in my designs and wanted to include a bright accent to make everything pop.

The design process for the custom panel was pretty amazing. I had a vintage repurposed neon sign with a cocktail on it from a previous project and wanted to replicate that design. Feeney’s design team created a rendering and sent it over – it was exactly what we were looking for.

I also used Feeney’s CableRail for the staircase. While it might appear to be challenging to integrate so many different types of railing infill, it worked very well. I have to say that the laser cut panel is the star of the show and definitely brought everything together.

I try to use green/sustainability-focused companies like Feeney for my projects. I feel like products have stories and that adds to the character of the structures. For the container bar, we used shipping containers, composite decking from recycled materials, and reclaimed lumber for the back barn door. Feeney’s panel infill really complemented the aesthetic and helped to bring the vision to life. Plus, it was easy to install and Feeney was great to work with. What more can you ask for!”

Art also raved about the new Wood Grain Top Rail – the beauty of wood with the durability of powder-coated aluminum.

“Aesthetically, Feeney nailed it with the Wood Grain Top Rail – it appears just like wood. People who come to our shop touch the railings and grasp hold of them and are still debating if they’re real wood. The grading, pattern and coloration are very impressive and fool most everyone.

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