Somerset® II Trellis

Designed for easy mounting onto walls or fences. Using two 40″ long powder-coated aluminum brackets (top and bottom) that screw into the surface face and support a lattice of vertical 1/8″ diameter stainless steel cables and horizontal 1/8″ diameter rods.

The support brackets can be spaced from 2 to 6 feet apart to fit a variety of wall heights, and patented adjustable Quick-Connect® cable attachment fittings allow the cable assemblies to be easily trimmed to exact size. Special Micro Cross-Clamps with locking setscrews securely hold the rods in position.

Extend your Trellis

All fittings, cables and rods are made from high quality 316-grade stainless steel.

The aluminum components are made of high quality 6000 series aluminum extrusions with AAMA 2604 powder-coated finishes. Together they provide weather-tough durability, low maintenance, long lasting beauty and performance. Product contains recycled materials. Product contains recycled materials.

Each Kit Includes:


  • (2) powder-coated aluminum support brackets with mounting hardware
  • (4) stainless cable assemblies with attachment fittings
  • (5) stainless rods with Micro Cross-Clamps
  • (4) plastic anchor inserts (for masonry/concrete)
  • Hex Key Wrenches
Somerset II Trellis mounted by a front door

Exclusive Design Details

Feeney’s exquisite stainless steel fittings provide versatility and beauty in trellis design.


stand off fitting

Stand-Off Fitting


2> Stand-Off fittings support the lattice structure. They attach to the wall using a threaded hanger bolt.

cross clamp fitting

Micro Cross-Clamp


Micro Cross-Clamp fittings use a locking setscrew to securely fasten crisscrossing rods.

connector tube

Connector Tubes


Connector Tubes splice rods together to extend rod lengths beyond 48″.

Technical Documents
  • Somerset II Installation

  • PDF
  • Trellis Specifications

  • DOC
  • Trellis Warranty

  • PDF
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  • Do Trellises Help Plants Grow? 

    A trellis is one of the best ways to encourage healthy plant growth. The vertical structure allows the plant to grow upward, reducing the risk of damage plants can experience when growing along the ground. 

  • How Long Will a Trellis Last? 

    A high-quality, well-maintained trellis can last for decades depending on the material of the rods. The 3-in-1 trellis will last longer than the Somerset as it is made from stainless steel. 

  • How Tall Should a Trellis Be? 

    The suggested minimum height for a trellis is 4 feet. This provides enough space for plants to grow and absorb enough sunlight. 

  • When Should You Put up a Trellis? 

    The best time to set up a trellis is right before your plants move into the flowering stage. This makes positioning them much easier.  

  • Where Can You Install a Trellis? 

    If you can drill into it, then you can mount a trellis. However, do not attach a Feeney trellis to vinyl siding, stucco, including DryVit, or any other material where the structural integrity is uncertain. 

  • Which Direction Should a Trellis Face? 

    To allow for maximum sunlight exposure, orient your trellis so that it faces east or west. 

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