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Trellises… Another way to beautify outdoor spaces with Feeney

There are few things in garden culture quite as showy as a plant-laden trellis. The latticework is a natural way to partition a garden and provide an element of privacy. A trellis can even act as an insulating blanket when positioned alongside a home. Roses, grapevines, clematis, tomatoes, raspberries, and ivy love these wonderful vertical supports.

For landscape architects, deck builders and do-it-yourselfers, the trellis is a quick and practical way to frame a backyard element or serve as a natural wall, say for an elevated deck.

And, a trellis can be a lot of fun.

Ask Brad Adsit, our product development and engineering manager, about the largest trellis Feeney has ever assembled.

“The call came from a professional landscaper. He planned on assembling the trellis in the lobby area of an office building in Jersey City, New Jersey,” Brad recalls.

This was not just any trellis. The landscaper had plans for a mammoth trellis – just under 1,000 square feet at 24 feet high by 40 feet wide. Surprisingly, the aim of the Jersey City trellis was purely decorative; plants were never contemplated.

Brad says that trellises are gaining popularity even in small spaces, such as balconies. “You see a lot of vertical gardening happening in urban areas. It’s a nice way to add a touch of green,” he explains.

Feeney has offered trellis kits for years. Each kit – the 3-in-1, Somerset, and Greenway – are a cinch to assemble and lend themselves to easy customization and expansion.

Professionals should keep Feeney trellises in mind for a new project, or as a smart way to upgrade and enhance existing landscapes. And for the homeowner, a Feeney trellises provides an easy way to show off a green thumb.

Check out Feeney Garden for inspirational pictures, and to order kits and accessories. 

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