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Frame your view with DesignRail®

Choose horizontal cable railing to open up your view whether it is a beautiful landscape or a fascinating entry way. It’s available in standard heights of 36, 39, or 42 inches (custom heights also possible) for both level and stair applications. Feeney provides a variety of options for mounting, top rail styles, colors, and infills to suit your unique project needs. We’re here to help make your vision a reality.

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Savor Your View

CableRail allows you to revel in the scenery, featuring elegant slender cables and concealed fittings that seamlessly blend into the background. Elevate your railing’s aesthetic with the authenticity of our stainless steel cable infill.

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Visualize Your Project

Flexible Frame design to fit all situations. 5 post attachment options, 5 top rail options and so much more! Use our Feeney visualization tool to see how we can help you create your perfect indoor and outdoor space.



Seamlessly integrating with all DesignRail® top rail styles, Horizontal CableRail offers versatile compatibility for creative mixing and matching with various DesignRail® infill options. Additionally, it pairs well with Feeney Post Accent lights and Intermediate Horizontal Rails.

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We are here for our customers 24/7

Feeney is an extension of your design team, with dedicated estimators supporting you every step of the way. Our seasoned experts collectively bring years of experience in the railing industry, standing ready to assist.

Count on our team to generate all essential project drawings; simply utilize our straightforward quote form to get started.

Simple and Seamless

All post and pickets come predrilled for ease of installation, we also predrill for top and bottom rail brackets. Paired with CableRail, our Quick-Connect® technology ensures secure, efficient installation for a cleaner, sleeker railing with seamless post to rail connection.

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Upgrade with Lighting

Add Post Accent Lights to your DesignRail® project and illuminate your space.

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Visual Builder
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Technical Documents
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Warranty & Care

Unlock the Possibilities

Feeney has partnered with Swatchbox to get samples quickly to your door.

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Ranging from classic to modern and everything in between, Feeney Makes It Easy® for you to complement the style of nearly any space with our new on-trend frame color options.

Technical Documents
  • DesignRail® Installation with Horizontal CableRail Infill

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  • DesignRail® Warranty

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  • Stainless Steel Care & Maintenance

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  • DesignRail® Custom Brochure

Other DesignRail® Infill Options

Tempered Glass Infill for DesignRail® 

Sleek and durable, our tempered glass panels create a semi-transparent barrier to subtly divide your space.

Stainless Steel Mesh Infill for DesignRail®

The perfect balance of substance and visibility, our marine-grade stainless steel mesh panels elevate any indoor or outdoor space.

Laser-Cut Aluminum Infill for DesignRail®

Strong and stylish, these precision-manufactured panels turn your railing into a centerpiece while affording more privacy.

Resin Infill for DesignRail®

Gorgeous organic materials embedded in durable, stylish resin produced by 3form – a leader in architectural materials.

Picket Infill for DesignRail® 

Traditional, elegant aluminum pickets give a classic look to your railing, powder-coated to match the frame.

Vertical CableRail Infill for DesignRail®

An alternative to traditional horizontal cable railing, vertical cable is the perfect solution when you want to preserve the view.

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