From Stainless Steel CableRail to Aluminum DesignRail®, Feeney® has got you covered.

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Disclaimer – Harsh Environment Maintenance

Feeney, Inc. recommends using the SteelRenewal™ cleaner and SteelProtect™ protectant products on all stainless steel installed in a harsh environment. Harsh environments may consist of, but are not limited to, coastal areas with high levels of airborne salt water, temperate climates with heavy use of de-icing salts in the winter months, pool or spa surrounds, locations with heavy air pollution, etc. For projects in these environments, we recommend applying the cleaner, followed by the protectant, immediately after installation. We also recommend establishing a regular maintenance interval for using the stainless steel cleaner. Additional information can be found in the Feeney, Inc. maintenance documents above.


Disclaimer – CableRail Products

The Feeney CableRail fittings and stainless steel cables are designed to work together as a complete system. Feeney, Inc. does not recommend using the Feeney CableRail components with fittings and cables by other manufacturers, as compatibility and performance cannot be guaranteed when used or combined with products not intended, designed or recommended in the installation guidelines. Such use in violation shall void the Feeney CableRail warranty.


Disclaimer – Installation Guidelines

Feeney, Inc. has established installation parameters in an effort to provide code compliant guard systems. These parameters are based on engineering calculations in accordance with typical building code requirements for guards in most jurisdictions. Any variance or deviation from Feeney, Inc.’s recommended installation parameters cannot be guaranteed to meet building codes and this action will void any applicable warranty. Consult with the local AHJ (Authority Having Jurisdiction) to ensure building code compliance for the specific project location.