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We know that you take pride in your railing creations, and we are here to provide you with the highest quality products and the best service so that you choose Feeney every time.

Building a Strong Frame for CableRail

Feeney’s here to help you make sure your railing can withstand the tensioning load of CableRail infill.


Focusing on the Needs of Steel Fabricators


We pride ourselves in serving craftsmen and women with the highest quality products and services. And we know what challenges fabricators face in railing design.


As a member of the International Code Council, we’ve brought our expertise to bear in tackling technical issues with railing. Feeney partners with the National Ornamental and Mixed Metals Association (NOMMA) in bringing awareness and education to the industry. Feeney participates in both the NOMMA board and the METALfab annual event.


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Keep Your CableRail Beautiful

Your cable railing can look beautiful for years if you follow the proper care and maintenance. This is especially true if CableRail is installed within 2 miles of a body of salt water, or in an area with deicing salts or other corrosive pollutants, which can be airborne. We recommend using our SteelRenewalTM and SteelProtectTM products upon completion of the installation, and at least quarterly thereafter. Railings in harsh environments may require more frequent cleaning and protecting.


Preferred Installer Program

Boost your reputation by association with Feeney CableRail, the leading cable railing brand. Get exclusive access to marketing tools, gear, and more! Program benefits include a two-year labor warranty, a premiere listing on our contractor locator, and a dedicated toll-free customer service line.



  • How far apart can I space the cables?

    The International Building Code states that a 4-inch sphere cannot pass through any opening in your railing and since cable is non-rigid, the flex of the cable must be taken into account. We recommend spacing the cables no more than 3 inches apart to allow for possible cable deflection and to meet the intent of the code. Before starting a CableRail project, installers should always check with their local building department to see if there are any special local requirements for using and installing cable railings.

  • How far apart can I space my posts?

    We recommend having a post or vertical member (intermediate picket) at least every 3 feet. With the posts/verticals spaced 3 feet apart and the cables spaced 3 inches apart, you should be able to tension the cables so that they won’t open past the 4-inch sphere code requirement when a reasonable force is applied.

  • What’s the longest cable run I can have?

    When using our standard CableRail Kits, we recommend that straight runs of cable (no corners or bends) should not exceed 70 feet. Runs with corner bends (using double corner posts) should not exceed 40 feet and should not have more than two corners per run. Maximum run lengths may be less if using CableRail Conceal Kits or other Quick-Connect® or swage-type fittings. Give us a call to confirm the maximum run lengths for your specific project.

  • Can I run the cables continuously around a single corner post or do I have to terminate?

    In most cases, you will need to terminate the cables at a single corner post. To run the cables continuously around a corner, you would need to have double posts at the corner. For basic guidelines to help prepare your railing frame, please see our Feeney CableRail Installation Instructions.

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