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Building a Strong Frame

Feeney CableRail is a beautiful option to consider for a custom fabricated metal railing frame. Check out our tips for designing a strong railing frame that uses cables efficiently.

1. Select Your Corner Type


Double corner posts allow cables to either run continuously through a corner, requiring fewer fittings, or to easily terminate.


Single corner posts are also an option and typically require the cables to terminate at the corner. (To use a single corner with CableRail Kits or CableRail Conceal Kits, one run will be offset by 1/2-in.)






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2. Design Top and Bottom Rail

Always include a strong, rigid, securely fastened top rail to provide necessary strength to the frame and help support the cable tension loads. Underneath the top rail, attach a minimum 1″ x 4″ wood blocking between posts to provide additional lateral reinforcement to the posts.

Bottom rails (optional) add rigidity to railing and can be an attractive and functional foot-rest addition to railing designs.


3. Aluminum Pickets

Slender intermediate pickets may be used instead of some bulkier intermediate posts to achieve a more open railing design while maintaining proper cable spacing.

Product Solutions

CableRail Kits for Metal Frame 

Build your own assemblies to fit your needs using special CableRail Quick-Connect® fittings and stainless steel cable.

Fittings + Bulk Cable for Metal Frames

Build your own assemblies to fit your needs using special CableRail Quick-Connect® fittings and stainless steel cable.

Aluminum Railing

Feeney’s Aluminum Railing Systems offer exceptional performance, design versatility and beauty.

Feeney, Inc. Celebrates 75 Years of Innovation

This year Feeney® turns 75 years old, marking three-quarters of a century as the industry leader in modern railing systems. Feeney has grown from its roots as a wire rope and rigging company to a thriving, family-owned company specializing in cable railing systems and aluminum architectural and garden products. The company will commemorate this triumphant anniversary with celebrations at the AIA Conference on Architecture and PSP/Deck Expo, two prestigious events in the building…

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Warranty & Care

Things to Consider When Buying Cable Railing

Cable railing products vary in quality, so it’s essential to ensure you’re purchasing a high-quality option. Feeney® provides a helpful checklist to aid you in evaluating your choices when buying railing products.

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Our Commitment to the Future

All or most of our architectural products are made from stainless steel and/or aluminum, both of which are among the most-recycled materials. Most of our products contain pre-consumer reclaimed content (LEED® points), and, upon disposal, the materials can be recycled at metal reclamation sites.

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Technical Documents
  • CableRail in Steel Frames with Double Corner Posts

  • PDF
  • CableRail in Steel Frames with Single Corner Post

  • PDF
  • CableRail Kits Installation in Wood or Metal Frames

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