Commercial Office Balcony and Upper Balcony – Railing Options in 3D

This dramatic staircase is creates an eye catching focal point in this commercial lobby area. Choose from three DesignRail® looks:


Check out all our ColorEasy™ colors and all DesignRail® infill options! Office Balcony and Upper Balcony scene was styled by the Carolyn Ames Noble.


View additional 3D scenes on our Interior Visualizer page.


Tips on using the 3D space:

    • The middle button at the bottom of the scene allows you to toggle between railing designs

    • Click and drag to look around the scene from your current vantage point

    • Click on a point to move to a different area in the scene

    • Hover over the Railing Details to show your options

    • The map icon in the lower left allows you to see an overhead view

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