1. DesignRail® Standard Post


w/Round Holes in Black (6” sample)


2. Commercial Post


w/Stair Slots (29°-34°) in Blue Steel


3. DesignRail® Heavy Duty Post


w/Round Holes in Textured Black (6” sample)


4. DesignRail® Single Corner Posts


w/Horizontal Slots in Coffee Cream (6” sample – loose insert) with Base Plate Cover in Black, plus Sample Case Info Card

5. Commercial Intermediate Stair Post Rail Adapter and Resin Panel Infills


Stair Post in Modern White(4”x4” samples):


A. Bear Grass Lite

B. Ginko Thatch

C. Connection Square Grey

D. Bamboo Rings

E. Ting Ting

F. Fossil Leaf

G. Rice Grass

H. Kathali Grays

I. Thatch 50%



design rail case samples

6. DesignRail® Standard Post


w/Stair Slots (29°-34°) in Dove Gray

7. DesignRail® Commercial Post


w/Round Holes in Oil Rubbed Bronze (6” sample)

8. DesignRail® Quick-Connect® Termination Post


in Iron Gray with sample of Quick-Connect® Inset fitting inside

9. RCBs (Rail Connecting Brackets) – 1″ Sample


Series 100 or 150 Top Rail and Panel Infill Bottom Rail and RCBs for all other Top Rails




10. Universal Post Cap in Black


Plus 24V 48W DC Wall Adapter in Black


11. DesignRail® Low-Profile Top Rail


Series 450 w/ Cedar Cap in Sparkling Champagne (6″ sample)


12.DesignRail® Rectangluer Top Rail


Series 200 in Walnut Wood Grain (6″ sample)




Graspable Series 250 Top Rail in Black with Drink Rail Adapter

13. DesignRail® Graspable Top Rail


Series 250 in Black with Drink Rail Adapter (6″ sample)


14. DesignRail® Graspable Top Rail


Series 150 in Black (6″ sample)


15. LED Rail Light Strip


4″ strip with connectors




16. LED Post Accent Lights


in Bronze


17. Intermediate Picket for CableRail Infill


With holes, in Bronze (6″ sample)


18. Vertical Picket Infill


No holes, in Silver (6″ sample)

19. Stainless Steel Mesh Panel Infill


(6”x 6” samples):

A. Metropolitan®

B. Horizon®,

C. Dazzle®

D. Allure®.

Plus, Splice 90° and 45° Plates.

Case Update Instruction Sheet

20. Cable Samples


CableRail Kit – 1/8″ cable for metal.
Conceal Kit – 1/8″ cable

21. Accessory Case


A. Colored End Caps: Black, White, Brown, Gray, Silver, Taupe, Bronze, Green, Cream

B. CableRail Kit hardware and Quick-Connect® Release Tool

C. Conceal End Caps: Black, Bronze, Silver, White

D. Stainless Steel End Caps: Dome, Crown, Chamfer


22. Laser-cut Aluminum Infill Panel


Colors (6″ x 6″ samples)

(6”x 6” samples):


A. Sverra® – Silver

B. Cypher® – Textured Black

C. Pisces® – Bright White

D. Cubist® – Bronze

E. Bound® – Silver

F. Torrent® – Modern White

G. Seagrass® – Textured Black

H. Agama® – Matte Black

I. Trillium® – Bronze

PLUS: ColorEasy™ Fan Deck