Tension Please

interior cable railing

Tom Silva shows you how to install CableRail on Ask This Old House

Tom travels to Utah to help a homeowner replace his traditional stair railing with more modern cable railing. Feeney CableRail was featured in this episode, the ninth of season 18. Many thanks to the TOH crew!

Watch the process step by step: 


BEFORE: a modern house with an out-dated interior railing

BEFORE: a modern house with an out-dated interior railing
The railing is ready for cable installation
Lag tensioner fitting
An intermediate picket was used to prevent cable deflection
All Lags and Lag tensioners are installed
Measuring the length of cable needed
Trimming the cable
Inserting the cable into the Lag tensioner
Inserting the other end of the cable into the non-adjustable Lag fitting
Tensioning the cables in the recommended sequence
Cable installation is complete!

Featured Image: The finished railing has a sleek, modern look

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