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Feeney booth in 3D

Our Feeney-tastic Adventure at IBS 2024!

We’re back from our action-packed week at the 2024 International Builders’ Show (IBS) and wanted to share our adventure with you! Picture this: the largest show floor in 15 years, buzzing with over 1,800 exhibitors. This year, navigating the show was a breeze, thanks to the new layout segmented by product types. It’s like the organizers read our minds, making it super easy for everyone to hop from one fascinating find to another, especially in the Building Material hall, where our “Discover the World of Feeney®” booth stood proud.

Central Hall: 2024 International Builders’ Show

Speaking of our booth, we went bigger and bolder than ever with inspirational quads that showcased our products in action to spark imaginations. Think of it as a Feeney showcase extravaganza: from cozy interior vibes to breathtaking exteriors, not to mention a peek into in-store displays and a dive into design and inspiration that featured our oh-so-colorful ColorEasy™ display.

Outdoor Living Inspirational Quad
Interior Views Inspirational Quad

The star of our show was the debut of the DesignRail® Modern Kits, a shining example of Feeney’s commitment to blending innovation with sleek design. Its contemporary flair is underpinned by cleverly concealed fasteners, ensuring a look that’s both clean and minimalist. Designed with ease of installation in mind, the system’s components come together with a simple snap, making installation straightforward without compromising on style or strength. Plus, its ability to span up to 8 feet with minimal posts opens up outdoor spaces to breathtaking, unobstructed views. It’s the modern touch every outdoor living space has been waiting for.

NEW DesignRail® Modern Kits

Right after we unveiled DesignRail® Modern, the spotlight turned to our ColorEasy™ program. With 18 vibrant colors in the mix, from the latest trends to timeless classics and even lifelike wood grain finishes, we’re dialing up the customizability and style. This palette is our promise to you: whether it’s for an indoor haven or an outdoor oasis, your space can truly be your own, bursting with color and personality.

We also rolled out the red carpet for our very first Feeney Ambassadors, Chip Wade and Kerrie Kelly. Chip, with his knack for transforming spaces, and Kerrie, with her eye for trending designs, were like the dynamic duo of design, showcasing the versatility of our products in ways that had us all oohing and aahing.

Feeney Ambassador, Chip Wade
Feeney Ambassador, Kerrie Kelly

The buzz around our booth was electric, with reporters and editors from top design and construction magazines stopping by to learn about our new offerings and our point of view on the future of architectural design.

Feeney’s DesignRail® Modern system not only dazzled at our booth but also marked its spot as one of the must-see innovations of the year in the IBS New Product Zone.

Snapshot of the Feeney booth in 3D

Missed the show? No worries! We’ve got a 3D virtual walkthrough of our booth that’s just a click away. Explore Here! It’s like being there without having to find your shoes. So, take a tour and see what all the fuss is about.

Hopefully, we’ll see you next year at IBS!

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