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Multiply Gold by Building Green

If you think a LEED-certified building is all about sustainability, think again. For many commercial and residential real estate pros, it’s the financial case for LEED that gets them excited. Energy conservation and other green goals are certainly worthy goals. But they’re often secondary to the prime directive: greater ROI.

Consider a recent study of 1.5 billion square feet of LEED-certified space in major U.S., European, and Australian cities. The survey reveals the remarkable relationship between LEED certification and ROI. Name a property developer, owner, or builder that wouldn’t be wowed by these LEED facts:

  • Lease rates: Up to 17% increase
  • Property resales: Up to 35% increase
  • Occupancy rates: Up to 18% increase
  • Net operating income: Up to 6% increase
  • Operating expenses: Cut as much as 30%

Greater profitability, less expense. That’s a winning formula Rochester, N.Y. architect Rob Fornataro, AIA, observed firsthand at the recently-completed 72-unit, LEED Gold Charlotte Square apartment community in downtown Rochester, which he designed. Fornataro’s firm, SWBR, teamed up with regional housing developer and builder Home Leasing, to achieve “… the highest rental rate in Rochester and instant lease-up. They not only got millennial renters, which they expected, but also empty-nesters. The only complaint is there aren’t enough units.”

charlotte square feeney cablerail

Feeney Cable Rail plays a significant role in the Charlotte Square project and many other LEED projects. Brad Adsit LEED-AP says, “Our materials can help earn LEED points in the Materials and Resources (MR) section of LEED version 4. Specifically, Feeney products contribute to ‘Building product disclosure and optimization – sourcing of raw materials, option 2.’”

What’s more, most Feeney products contain pre-consumer reclaimed content that can be recycled at metal reclamation sites. Feeney is also a member of the U.S. Green Building Council, the sponsor of LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design). Look here for all the other ways we work to continuously support LEED-targeted projects and the environment. 

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