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grotto bay cable railing in cave

Grotto Bay Beach Resort features CableRail in Cave Railing

Feeney, Inc.’s CableRail was recently installed at Bermuda’s Grotto Bay Beach Resort Natura Spa for enhanced sight lines without sacrificing design appeal. Nestled in the 500,000-year-old caverns of the resort, the health spa is designed to invigorate the senses and provide a sensual environment for hotel guests to relax.

The primary driver for this project was to ensure the natural beauty of the spa wasn’t compromised, thus Feeney’s CableRail was the perfect solution. According to JP Martens, general manager of Grotto Bay Beach Resort, “We happened to come across Feeney by way of researching railing options through the Internet and had seen some of the company’s other projects. What appealed to us most was how the cable rail doesn’t take away from the grotto’s splendor.”

One of the project’s biggest challenges faced was working within the confines of the grotto’s natural surroundings. The rough and complex terrain of the cavern’s structure was another reason why Feeney’s CableRail was chosen for the railing system. The staff at AAC Building Materials was happy to provide support as well as product for this project.

“Our CableRail is so versatile, that even in some of the most difficult circumstances, we were able to easily adjust the length and configurations of our cable assemblies to fit the varied conditions inside the cavern and also use our Quick-Connect® cable fittings to ensure easy installation,” says Andy Penny, Vice President of Marketing and Advertising.

The Natura Spa was completed in June of 2015 and is currently undergoing an expansion due to the high volume of traffic and positive responses from resort guests. Surrounded by crystal-blue waters, stalactites, and stalagmites, the spa features individual, private cabanas, supplied by TUUCI®, and is lined with native florals, candles, incense, and mood lighting, creating a retreat unlike any other.

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