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Feeney – Successfully Navigating the Supply Chain

As most people are aware, the U.S. is currently facing unprecedented supply chain disruptions across multiple industries. The building and remodeling industry has been hit especially hard. These disruptions are the result of a variety of factors that aren’t predicted to ease up anytime soon, causing many building product manufacturers to reevaluate their supply chains.

This has been compounded by the ongoing labor shortage, which has impacted the capacity to harness raw resources, produce parts and manufacture products. Lumberyards are short staffed and overworked. And contractors aren’t able to find the help they need for installation.

Shipping delays continue to occur, which is being amplified by congestion at our nation’s ports. From steel production to fasteners to packaging and tools, every area of the industry has been affected.

During these uncertain times, Feeney has successfully provided materials to its customers with as few interruptions to service as possible. Several core tenets have contributed to the company’s ability to essentially conduct business as usual.

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Always be prepared

Like many other solutions providers in the building products space, Feeney has faced many challenges this year. Scarcity of aluminum ore and ingots for extrusions was the top concern on the manufacturing side. Supply shortages and slow deliveries of hardware and components had to be considered, along with the staffing shortages experienced by its suppliers and downstream customers.

Fortunately, the Feeney team was quick to action and anticipated supply chain issues early on in the pandemic. Back-up suppliers were also secured to ensure continuity of material availability. As a result, the company was able to increase inventory levels and maintain supply pricing in most areas.


Building industry professionals have been dealing with a large amount of uncertainty – and trepidation – when it comes to securing the products they need to complete their projects.

When providing quotes and sales orders, Feeney has proactively communicated to clients that delays were possible and price adjustments may be required. For 2022, Feeney has only passed along supplier pricing increases, and has made it a priority to provide clients with plenty of time to adjust so that they would not be adversely impacted.

Feeney’s commitment to transparency and keeping customers informed has enabled the company to manage client expectations while helping to minimize any business disruptions.

Stay the course

One of the keys to Feeney’s ability to keep its business on an even keel during the recent challenges has been its nimbleness and ability to quickly adapt as needed to changing situations.

“Because Feeney did not experience many of the supply issues that affected most other companies, we became a safe harbor in rough seas,” says Katrina Ralston, president of Feeney Inc. “We have earned a number of new clients throughout the pandemic and strengthened our bond with our existing clients. People know they can count on Feeney for stability, quality and high-caliber support – which is at the core of who we are – and this has been reinforced during the past 20 or so months.”

Focused on the customer experience, Feeney has worked diligently over the years to listen to, support and partner with clients to meet their evolving needs. In fact, company employees refer to themselves as the “Feeney Family” in recognition of how strongly the team is committed to working together to create the best outcome for all stakeholders – and most importantly – customers.

Facing the great unknown

For everyone in the industry, the most challenging aspect of the current supply change situation is not knowing how long it is going to last.

But, no matter what happens, the Feeney team will continue to do everything possible to provide clients with the best possible products, services and support. As always, the company will invest and innovate to help move the industry forward. Because helping customers succeed is a tenet that Feeney lives by each and every day.

For more information on our manufacturing processes and commitment to the environment, check out our video –  DesignRail®: Behind the Railings

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