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​Feeney – A Lasting Legacy of Innovation & Stability

From its origins as an industrial rigging company located on the edge of the San Francisco Bay, Feeney has had a strong history of longevity, innovation, and support built into its business practices, technologies, and company culture.

Ahead of the Curve

Always thinking about what’s around the corner, Feeney is on the leading edge in the building products industry when it comes to collaboration and digital adoption. This forward-thinking keeps Feeney nimble in any business climate.

A key component of this successful collaboration is Feeney’s culture of connection across the digital divide. Although the Feeney team is located throughout the U.S., team members are based in California, Colorado, Massachusetts, New York, Oregon, Connecticut, Tennessee, Texas, Iowa, Arizona, and New Hampshire the team is always connected. Feeney is well-versed in remote communication and tools, including GoTo Meeting, mobile phone SMS, and other technologies.

Since 2003, Feeney has utilized NetSuite, the leading integrated cloud business software suite, which enables Feeney team members to access business-critical ERM and CRM functions no matter where they’re working.

In addition, just prior to when stay-at-home orders were enacted in California in response to COVID-19, Feeney implemented a VOIP phone system. The system integrates mobile apps with desktop phones and mobile phones, enabling seamless communication through chat and conference calls.

A Culture of Commitment

Feeney’s focus on connectivity extends far beyond technology. In fact, Feeney is built on an overarching company culture of commitment, a management approach that includes core components such as authenticity, clarity, passion, personal responsibility, vision, and involvement. Feeney employees are empowered to make a difference and encouraged to continually grow and improve. The ultimate result is the forging of an emotional tie between the company and its employees by enhancing team members’ investment in the company, increasing collective potential, and improving performance.

Understanding the value of loyalty, Feeney views its employees as family and makes every effort to promote from within whenever possible. Many employees have been with the company for more than 10 years.

A Leap of Faith Reaps Rewards

The same culture of forward-thinking and company support empowers employees and owners to take calculated risks, as they did in 2007. This leap of faith launched a new chapter in Feeney’s success story.

When CableRail was first launched into the building products market, Feeney’s business model was consumer-focused (B2C) sold directly to homeowners, steel fabricators, contractors, and architects. In 2007, competition in the cable railing market was starting to increase. Company co-president Katrina Ralston, who joined the family business after leaving a career in technology during the downturn in 2001, believed that Feeney needed to take a risk. With the support of her family and fellow business owners, she spearheaded Feeney’s move from a B2C model to a business-to-business (B2B) model, specifically targeting the retail market.

It turned out to be a very smart move. The shift in distribution model catapulted Feeney into a much bigger league. And while many companies struggled during the great recession from December 2007 to June 2009, Feeney’s business held steady. Today, Feeney’s dealer network is the backbone of the organization and a key to their success. The same culture of commitment within the company extends to Feeney’s business partners as well.

Business Partners and the Feeney Family

Feeney has always made a strong effort to support its dealers and distributors, and is always thinking of new ways to deliver on the brand promise “Feeney Makes It Easy”. The company offers an online portal for dealers, which provides a wide range of tools and resources, including case studies, product literature, sales and marketing literature, educational videos, advertising templates, product training, and an opportunity to schedule a personalized online training webinar.

Most recently, in response to the disruption to business resulting from the pandemic, Feeney has distributed a series of dealer support emails, covering topics such as how to optimize social media, the latest Feeney educational offerings, and training opportunities.

Feeney is committed to being a positive resource to help ensure the success of every dealer in its network. In order to support stocking dealers who have made a significant investment in Feeney products, they launched a combined Pay Per Click and social media campaign to drive traffic to those retailers.

Looking to the Future

Today, Feeney continues to stay strong with its large national network of dealers and distribution centers and expanded product offerings to meet customer needs. Despite the challenging times, Feeney remains steadfastly committed to finding ways to “make it easy” for its customers, business partners, and employees. Feeney knows that when their dealers and customers thrive, so does the company.

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Featured Image: Feeney group photo – 2016

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