Tension Please

glass infill railing on both two story levels of home exterior

Chip Wade shows Dream Family Backyard – DesignRail® porch plus Airstream Treehouse with CableRail

If you haven’t you seen the latest feel-good makeover show on Netflix, Instant Dream Home, get ready to be touched and inspired! The premise of the show is to take the home of a deserving family and give it a facelift in just TWELVE HOURS.

Episode 5: “Dirty Work”

The show is hosted by actress Danielle Brooks, from Orange is the New Black, and includes a team of designers and builders. In episode five we are introduced to Alfred and Crystal Brooks and their two sons. They talk about how their enormous backyard was largely unused due to unsafe back stairs and overgrown landscaping. A beloved high school teacher and a nurse, this busy couple bought this house as a foreclosure with dreams of renovating the backyard into a space for their two sons to thrive.

The episode begins with the family leaving the house for a daylong trip and the team swarming onto the property for this massive undertaking.

Backyard Demolition

The backyard stairs and railing were literally falling apart – Alfred and Crystal were afraid to send the kids out back for fear of an accident – so those had to be demolished. The yard area was stripped of grass and vines in preparation for terracing and a new basketball half court. The exterior of the house was painted black to contrast with the white trim for a fresh new look.

DesignRail® to the Rescue

DesignRail® with glass infill was chosen for the back porch and stair railings. The clean lines and bright white powder-coated finish gives a crisp accent to the exterior, and the tempered glass panels ensure that the space would look open and inviting. The couple was thrilled – as soon as they stepped out back for the reveal, Alfred said, “look at that railing!” and Crystal added “look at those steps!” The importance of having safe backyard access was clear – clear as glass!

Airstream Treehouse – with CableRail!

The most unique facet of this backyard oasis was a treehouse built from an Airstream trailer lifted onto a wood platform. The interior of the trailed was painted white, so it could double as a video recording studio, and featured a wall of graffiti art, reflecting the couple’s artistic sensibilities.

This treehouse included a porch of its own, with CableRail installed in a wood railing frame using Lag fittings. When Alfred saw it, he exclaimed, “I have always wanted a treehouse!” The CableRail meant open views from the chairs on the Airstream’s porch.

A fire pit, pizza oven, outdoor dining area, sand pit, and kiddie pool rounded out this dream back yard. The renovation also included interior updates to the first floor area which served as office, living room, and dining room. The interior updates match the exterior in vibrancy and style and provide a seamless experience from indoors to the outdoor living area.

Watch Chip Wade walk through the project below!

Check out this fresh exterior! 

Even more photos in our gallery.

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