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CableRail and DesignRail: Harsh Weather Tough

Featured Image: Feeney DesignRail® and CableRail at the USS Arizona

Aluminum railings and cable in-fill systems are specified by more and more architects, contractors, and owners; on the surface, the reasons why are obvious. Pick up nearly any trade publication, such as ARCHITECTBUILDER, and REMODELING and you’ll find plenty of beautiful photos of metal railings, including DesignRail® aluminum railing systems with CableRail assemblies by Feeney. The sleek design of the cables and railings appear in a variety of indoor and outdoor settings, and complement many architectural styles.

Feeney CableRail and DesignRail® have a tough side too. Both products are rugged enough to stand up to the corrosive environment of coastal living, and other harsh environments. Let’s look at how CableRail and DesignRail® present owners with a proven go-to solution in rough conditions:

CableRail Marine-Grade Stainless Steel. Stainless steel comes in a variety of grades, also called types. Some cable rail makers use the standard stainless steel type, called type 304. But this type falls far short. It’s missing molybdenum (atomic symbol Mo), an important element that works wonders in battling high saline coastal environments.

Feeney uses type 316 stainless steel in CableRail production, which is alloyed with molybdenum. This type of stainless steel is often called marine grade stainless steel because of its tough corrosion resistance. Feeney CableRail stainless steel cable and fittings are made from this hardy type of stainless steel.

Salt water spray can cause staining or corrosion.

Easier Maintenance. Even marine-grade stainless steel can use a helping hand now and then to keep it looking new. Feeney makes it easy to maintain CableRail cable and fittings. Just an easy, no-scrub application of Feeney SteelRenewal™ and Feeney SteelProtect™ as needed helps keep the railings looking ship-shape longer. Brad Adsit, Feeney’s Product Development and Engineering Manager, calls SteelRenewal™ “an amazing cleaner.” Watch a video on how these products work together: Feeney SteelRenewal™ and Feeney SteelProtect™ video

Take care to clean and protect your railing regularly.

DesignRail® High-Grade Powder Coating. Powder coating is recognized as a superior, hardier aluminum finish compared to wet-coat applications. To better protect DesignRail® systems, Feeney starts by thoroughly prepping the aluminum to improve powder adhesion. Feeney then powder coats DesignRail® aluminum components to an AAMA 2604-certified standard. Coating to the AAMA 2604 standard is considered a higher-grade, longer-lasting application. For owners, it means DesignRail® products offer even more peace of mind in harsh conditions. To learn how Feeney builds a tougher railing, watch “DesignRail®: Behind the Railings“.

Salt can also have a corrosive affect on your railing.

Isolation Bushings, Pads, and Grommets. These innovative accessories were featured recently in A Facelift for the USS Arizona Memorial. The isolation bushings, and pads perform the vital task of insulating stainless steel CableRail and aluminum DesignRail® from direct contact with each other and the mounting surface. In salty air, dissimilar metal contact can cause electrolysis, which can corrode and stain the railing. Using isolation bushings, and pads helps prevent the interaction and keeps the railing system looking like new.

Low Wind Resistance. The nearly invisible dimensions of cable rail minimize wind exposure and the stress that inflicts on an outdoor railing system, avoiding the hazards of panel-based in-fill systems.

In your next coastal project, specify DesignRail® with a CableRail in-fill system for a winning one-two combination of beauty with industry-leading durability. To learn more, visit the Feeney website.

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