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Beautiful Exterior Event Design – On the Go

Modern outdoor hospitality venues are a marvel of portable engineering. With a capable installation crew and planning, you can host black tie affairs in virtually any location you can imagine. Complete with HVAC, working electricity and professional lighting, these portable event venues are a powerful marketing asset for companies looking to reach influencers where they congregate in large numbers.

The experience doesn’t stop with just the interior, however. Increasingly, event designers are bringing high-end, functional décor- albeit in portable configurations – to these outdoor venues with the genius of the Feeney DesignRail® aluminum railing system. Just as brick and mortar venues utilize exterior spaces for dining and entertainment; these portable venues can now add a higher level of sophistication and usable square footage, using Feeney railing and a composite decking surface, for example.

With the right design, portable venues can rival even the most luxurious of accommodations – as witnessed recently during the 2017 Concours d’Elegance – the marquee event for vintage car collectors hosted at the iconic Pebble Beach Golf Course in California.

Lincoln Motor Company, one of the event sponsors, commissioned a portable entertainment venue for hosting clients attending the event. With such a majestic background, designers sought a way to direct patrons outside for mingling while ensuring that invited guests gained easy access. The Feeney DesignRail with CableRail stainless steel infill was the perfect solution – offering undisturbed views of the links, as well as a functional railing for patrons. Attendees were none the wiser, but, for Lincoln, the event was a success. For Pebble Beach, the portable venue added needed entertainment space, while retaining the high-end aesthetics the property is known for around the world.

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