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Baby, It’s Cold Outside… So Enjoy the View Inside

In the cooler winter months, it’s challenging for homeowners in many parts of the country to enjoy their decks and other outdoor spaces without donning a parka, scarf, gloves, wooly socks, earmuffs, and all of the accoutrements. As beautiful as the view from the deck may be, it’s likely better enjoyed from the comfort of a toasty living room.

What better time to focus on the inside of the home? After all, interior views can be just as inviting as exterior views. And, while we often think of cable railing as a way to open up the view outside, it’s also a great solution for creating more expansive “vistas” inside the home. Cable railing is unobtrusive and imparts a sense of visual spaciousness, making any space appear larger, as well as lighter and brighter.

In fact, cable railing can be used to design a wide range of stylish and functional looks for interiors – from rustic to transitional to contemporary – and everything in between. When it comes to interior spaces, Feeney’s CableRail and DesignRail® systems make it easy to transform an ordinary interior into an eye-catching space with lasting style.Aluminum railings with cable rail are ideally suited to enhance a contemporary interior while offering an unimpeded view throughout the space. With their sleek look and cool tones, aluminum railings provide a minimalist, clean-lined aesthetic that blends seamlessly with any color scheme.

For a more rustic aesthetic, natural wood railings paired with cable railing are the way to go. Wood brings a warm, organic tone to spaces, which is perfect for a cabin or farmhouse style, or to complement existing wood flooring within a home. Using cable railing with wood provides a more open and airy feel and adds just the right amount of modern appeal, while enabling spaces to retain their down-to-earth charm.

Cable railing is also a great option for staircases. In comparison to traditional stairs that utilize multiple vertical posts, cable railing helps to create a natural flow within a space – especially in more open floorplans. It delivers a streamlined, understated look while adding depth and dimension.

As the temperature drops and we spend more time indoors, it’s time to savor the view inside. Durable, beautiful and easy to install, cable railing lends a subtle, yet sophisticated, touch to interiors, enabling us to sit back and “appreciate the beauty within.”

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