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exterior of home cable railing deck

Architect Spotlight: Richard Shugar

Featured Image: DesignRail® with CableRail on exterior balcony, Eugene residence

Principal Architect of 2fORM Architecture, Richard Shugar, AIA, LEED AP, has over twenty years of architectural experience focused on exploring innovative design solutions while capturing the connections between people and their environment. Shugar’s sensitive and intuitive style enables him to create uniquely crafted solutions for a wide array of clients and projects throughout Oregon. 2fORM Architecture’s broad range of design experience includes commercial buildings, multi-family housing, custom residences, medical facilities, interior design projects and historic preservation work.

2fORM Architecture was originally established twelve years ago and during that time Shugar has gradually adopted a significant sustainability and environmental stewardship emphasis in his work.

“Sustainability is a prominent focus throughout almost every project, from the conceptual design phase through construction,” said Shugar. “In most cases, it’s the client that determines whether a building will be LEED certified or not, as sustainability is more important to some clients than it is to others. We include passive solar design features such as natural lighting and cross ventilation whenever possible, maximizing the exterior surface area to bring in as much natural light as possible. In the Pacific Northwest we have dry summers and wet winters, and this impacts building envelope design strategy.”

Shugar went on to comment about the firm’s emphasis on environmental stewardship, saying, “Our focus is on environmental stewardship, sustainability and green design–it’s not a trend, it’s a direction that will not change. Our primary objective is to create buildings that will not only use less energy, but will ultimately produce energy. Today, we design structures that are not consumption-based; rather, our buildings are designed to use less energy, incorporating new energy-efficient materials and methods. Architects are learning that good design is much more than composition, scale and proportion; the composition and form now accommodate the environment as design and technology merge to create a new type of architecture.”

CableRail Kits in a custom fabricated metal frame

Shugar’s commitment to green extends to the materials chosen for his projects. Shugar started using Feeney, Inc. products when he designed and built his own home in 2001, selecting the stylistically versatile CableRail for the deck railing. One year later, he specified a DesignRail® aluminum railing system on one of the first residential projects he completed as 2fORM Architecture.

When asked why he chose CableRail, he said, “I like to use CableRail because it allows for visual transparency. The visual transparency of CableRail helps to support the design objectives we seek to achieve, and to preserve the beautiful views, as well.” A later project designed by 2fORM Architecture incorporating CableRail was the Fox Hollow Residence, where CableRail was used on the interior stairs and for outdoor deck railings to keep the sight lines open and preserve the views. Shugar said he looks forward to specifying Feeney products in future commercial and residential work.

CableRail Kits in wood frame
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